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  1. Be Undeniable. Tools Of A Master Communicator) Be Undeniable In Your Personal And Professional Relationships. Now You Can See Yourself Confidently Overcoming Objections, Mastering NLP Strategies, And Using Psychology, Conversational Hypnosis, And Enneagram Selling Types To Instantly Get The Upper Hand)
  2. How To Drive Foot Traffic To Your Brick And Mortar Stores!) Finally A Tool That Owners With A Physical Location Can Use To Drive Traffic, To Make Sales. If You Own A Brick And Mortar Store, A Store With A Physical Location This Tool Provide A Great Way To Drive New Customers To Your Stores.)
  3. Christian Times Online) Todays Leading Edge Business Marketing Solutions & Technologies.)
  4. 2 Popular Marketing Books And 2 Great Recurring Programs) 2 Very Popular Marketing Ebooks: 30 Crucial Elements For A Great Website And How To Get More Referrals 365 Days A Year. 2 Great Recurring Products: The Secrets To Marketing For Trade Contractors, And Reliable Website Hosting With Backup, Security And More)
  5. Ebook Sobre Negócios Na Internet) Usando As Lições Deste Ebook, Vais Aprender As 3 Coisas Principais Em Qualquer Negócio Na Internet E Obter Grandes Resultados !)
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